SO Accession: SO:0000150 (SOWiki)
Definition: A sequence obtained from a single sequencing experiment. Typically a read is produced when a base calling program interprets information from a chromatogram trace file produced from a sequencing machine.
DB Xrefs: SO: rd

Parents: contig (SO:0000149)
assembly_component (SO:0000143)

Children: polymerase_synthesis_read (SO:0001426)
mRNA_read (SO:0001827)
clone_end (SO:0001793)
BAC_end (SO:0000999)
read_pair (SO:0000007)
ligation_based_read (SO:0001425)
PAC_end (SO:0001480)
dye_terminator_read (SO:0001423)
chloroplast_DNA_read (SO:0001930)
mitochondrial_DNA_read (SO:0001929)
pyrosequenced_read (SO:0001424)
genomic_DNA_read (SO:0001828)
YAC_end (SO:0001498)
contig_read (SO:0000476)
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