SO Accession: SO:0000276 (SOWiki)
Definition: Small, ~22-nt, RNA molecule that is the endogenous transcript of a miRNA gene (or the product of other non coding RNA genes. Micro RNAs are produced from precursor molecules (SO:0001244) that can form local hairpin structures, which ordinarily are processed (usually via the Dicer pathway) such that a single miRNA molecule accumulates from one arm of a hairpin precursor molecule. Micro RNAs may trigger the cleavage of their target molecules or act as translational repressors.
Synonyms: INSDC_qualifier:miRNA, micro RNA, microRNA, small temporal RNA, stRNA, SO:0000649, INSDC_feature:ncRNA
DB Xrefs: PMID: 11081512  
PMID: 12592000  

Parents: small_regulatory_ncRNA (SO:0000370)
pre_miRNA (SO:0001244)

Children: ref_miRNA (SO:0002166)
isomiR (SO:0002167)
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