chromosome    (CURRENT_RELEASE)

SO Accession: SO:0000340 (SOWiki)
Definition: Structural unit composed of a nucleic acid molecule which controls its own replication through the interaction of specific proteins at one or more origins of replication.
DB Xrefs: SO: ma

Parent: replicon (SO:0001235)

Children: apicoplast_chromosome (SO:0001259)
mitochondrial_chromosome (SO:0000819)
DNA_chromosome (SO:0000954)
chromosome_part (SO:0000830)
chloroplast_chromosome (SO:0000820)
leucoplast_chromosome (SO:0000823)
chromoplast_chromosome (SO:0000821)
RNA_chromosome (SO:0000961)
micronuclear_chromosome (SO:0000825)
nuclear_chromosome (SO:0000828)
macronuclear_chromosome (SO:0000824)
cyanelle_chromosome (SO:0000822)
chromosome_breakpoint (SO:0001021)
nucleomorphic_chromosome (SO:0000829)
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