SO Accession: SO:0000655 (SOWiki)
Definition: An RNA transcript that does not encode for a protein rather the RNA molecule is the gene product.
Synonyms: known_ncrna, noncoding RNA, INSDC_qualifier:other
DB Xrefs: SO: ke

Parent: mature_transcript (SO:0000233)

Children: SRP_RNA (SO:0000590)
lncRNA (SO:0001877)
class_II_RNA (SO:0000989)
antisense_RNA (SO:0000644)
guide_RNA (SO:0000602)
three_prime_overlapping_ncrna (SO:0002120)
RNA_7SK (SO:0002340)
enhancerRNA (SO:0001870)
class_I_RNA (SO:0000990)
scRNA (SO:0000013)
hpRNA (SO:0002356)
vault_RNA (SO:0000404)
Y_RNA (SO:0000405)
rRNA_cleavage_RNA (SO:0005843)
telomeric_transcript (SO:0001927)
tasiRNA (SO:0001800)
sncRNA (SO:0002247)
sbRNA (SO:0002354)
enzymatic_RNA (SO:0000372)
shRNA (SO:0002031)
priRNA (SO:0002022)
rRNA (SO:0000252)
telomerase_RNA (SO:0000390)
circular_ncRNA (SO:0002291)
sisRNA (SO:0002352)
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