polypeptide_region    (CURRENT_RELEASE)

SO Accession: SO:0000839 (SOWiki)
Definition: Biological sequence region that can be assigned to a specific subsequence of a polypeptide.
Synonyms: positional, positional polypeptide feature, region or site annotation, region, site, BS:00124, BS:00331
DB Xrefs: SO: GAR
SO: ke

Parents: biological_region (SO:0001411)
polypeptide (SO:0000104)

Children: immature_peptide_region (SO:0001063)
hydrophobic_region_of_peptide (SO:0100013)
cleaved_peptide_region (SO:0100011)
protease_site (SO:0001956)
immunoglobulin_region (SO:0001832)
mature_protein_region (SO:0000419)
2A_self_cleaving_peptide_region (SO:0002224)
polypeptide_conserved_region (SO:0100021)
peptide_localization_signal (SO:0001527)
protein_stability_element (SO:0001955)
polypeptide_variation_site (SO:0001146)
polypeptide_structural_region (SO:0001070)
compositionally_biased_region_of_peptide (SO:0001066)
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