SO Accession: SO:0001263 (SOWiki)
Definition: A gene that encodes a non-coding RNA.
Synonyms: ncRNA gene, non-coding RNA gene

Parent: gene (SO:0000704)

Children: gRNA_gene (SO:0001264)
Y_RNA_gene (SO:0002359)
SRP_RNA_gene (SO:0001269)
sbRNA_gene (SO:0002353)
vault_RNA_gene (SO:0002358)
rRNA_gene (SO:0001637)
lncRNA_gene (SO:0002127)
enzymatic_RNA_gene (SO:0002180)
hpRNA_gene (SO:0002355)
RNA_7SK_gene (SO:0002341)
telomerase_RNA_gene (SO:0001643)
sncRNA_gene (SO:0002342)
scRNA_gene (SO:0001266)
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