J_gene_segment    (CURRENT_SVN)

SO Accession: SO:0000470 (SOWiki)
Definition: Germline genomic DNA of an immunoglobulin/T-cell receptor gene including J-region with 5' UTR (SO:0000204) and 3' UTR (SO:0000205), also designated as J-segment.
Synonyms: INSDC_feature:J_segment, J gene, J-GENE
DB Xrefs: URL: http://www.imgt.org/cgi-bin/IMGTlect.jv?query=7#  

Parent: vertebrate_immunoglobulin_T_cell_receptor_segment (SO:0000460)

Children: VDJ_J_cluster (SO:0000488)
VJ_J_C_cluster (SO:0000490)
V_D_J_cluster (SO:0000532)
V_VJ_J_C_cluster (SO:0000566)
V_DJ_J_cluster (SO:0000519)
V_D_J_C_cluster (SO:0000531)
V_D_DJ_J_C_cluster (SO:0000529)
V_J_C_cluster (SO:0000535)
V_D_DJ_J_cluster (SO:0000530)
V_VDJ_J_C_cluster (SO:0000565)
D_DJ_J_C_cluster (SO:0000506)
D_J_cluster (SO:0000560)
DJ_J_C_cluster (SO:0000540)
D_J_C_cluster (SO:0000509)
VJ_J_cluster (SO:0000491)
D_DJ_J_cluster (SO:0000508)
V_J_cluster (SO:0000534)
V_VDJ_J_cluster (SO:0000522)
J_cluster (SO:0000513)
J_C_cluster (SO:0000511)
DJ_J_cluster (SO:0000485)
VDJ_J_C_cluster (SO:0000487)
V_DJ_J_C_cluster (SO:0000564)
V_VJ_J_cluster (SO:0000525)
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