junction    (CURRENT_SVN)

SO Accession: SO:0000699 (SOWiki)
Definition: A sequence_feature with an extent of zero.
Synonyms: boundary, breakpoint
DB Xrefs: SO: ke

Parent: sequence_feature (SO:0000110)

Children: clone_insert_end (SO:0000103)
deletion_junction (SO:0000687)
exon_junction (SO:0000333)
clone_insert_start (SO:0000179)
trans_splice_junction (SO:0001474)
nucleotide_cleavage_site (SO:0002204)
polyA_site (SO:0000553)
insertion_site (SO:0000366)
topologically_associated_domain_boundary (SO:0002305)
splice_junction (SO:0001421)
chromosome_breakpoint (SO:0001021)
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