SO Accession: SO:0001843 (SOWiki)
Definition: MERGED DEFINITION:nTARGET DEFINITION: A promoter element with consensus sequence TGACGTCA; bound by the ATF/CREB family of transcription factors.n--------------------nSOURCE DEFINITION: A promoter element that contains a core sequence TGACGT, bound by a protein complex that regulates transcription of genes encoding PKA pathway components.
Synonyms: ATF/CRE site, Atf1/Pcr1 recognition motif, cyclic AMP response element, M26 binding site, m26 site, M26_binding_site, SO:0001900
DB Xrefs: PMID: 11483355  
PMID: 11483993  
PMID: 15448137  

Parent: promoter_element (SO:0001659)
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