chromosome_structure_variation    (CURRENT_SVN)

SO Accession: SO:1000183 (SOWiki)
Definition: An alteration of the genome that leads to a change in the structure or number of one or more chromosomes.
Synonyms: chromosome structure variation, snpEff:CHROMOSOME_LARGE_DELETION

Parent: chromosome_variation (SO:0000240)

Children: autosynaptic_chromosome (SO:1000136)
aneuploid_chromosome (SO:0000550)
compound_chromosome (SO:1000042)
intrachromosomal_mutation (SO:1000028)
chromosomal_duplication (SO:1000037)
chromosomal_transposition (SO:0000453)
complex_structural_alteration (SO:0001784)
free_chromosome_arm (SO:0000065)
uncharacterized_chromosomal_mutation (SO:1000170)
interchromosomal_mutation (SO:1000031)
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