conserved_region    (CURRENT_RELEASE)

SO Accession: SO:0000330 (SOWiki)
Definition: Region of sequence similarity by descent from a common ancestor.
Synonyms: conserved region, INSDC_note:conserved_region, INSDC_feature:misc_feature
DB Xrefs: SO: ke

Parent: experimental_feature (SO:0001410)

Children: centromere_DNA_Element_II (SO:0001494)
nc_conserved_region (SO:0000334)
U_box (SO:0001788)
centromere_DNA_Element_III (SO:0001495)
centromere_DNA_Element_I (SO:0001493)
X_element (SO:0001497)
coding_conserved_region (SO:0000332)
homologous_region (SO:0000853)
syntenic_region (SO:0005858)
RR_tract (SO:0000435)
regional_centromere_central_core (SO:0001796)
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