experimental_feature    (CURRENT_RELEASE)

SO Accession: SO:0001410 (SOWiki)
Definition: A region which is the result of some arbitrary experimental procedure. The procedure may be carried out with biological material or inside a computer.
Synonyms: analysis feature, experimental output artefact, experimental_output_artefact
DB Xrefs: SO: cb

Parent: region (SO:0000001)

Children: match_part (SO:0000039)
high_identity_region (SO:0001502)
reading_frame (SO:0000717)
assembly_component (SO:0000143)
transcribed_cluster (SO:0001457)
match (SO:0000343)
spurious_protein (SO:0002248)
remark (SO:0000700)
transcribed_fragment (SO:0001418)
low_complexity_region (SO:0001005)
experimentally_defined_binding_region (SO:0001696)
mathematically_defined_repeat (SO:0001642)
consensus_region (SO:0000994)
transcription_start_cluster (SO:0001915)
conserved_region (SO:0000330)
assembly (SO:0001248)
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