pseudogene    (CURRENT_RELEASE)

SO Accession: SO:0000336 (SOWiki)
Definition: A sequence that closely resembles a known functional gene, at another locus within a genome, that is non-functional as a consequence of (usually several) mutations that prevent either its transcription or translation (or both). In general, pseudogenes result from either reverse transcription of a transcript of their "normal" paralog (SO:0000043) (in which case the pseudogene typically lacks introns and includes a poly(A) tail) or from recombination (SO:0000044) (in which case the pseudogene is typically a tandem duplication of its "normal" paralog).
Synonyms: INSDC_qualifier:pseudo, INSDC_qualifier:unknown, INSDC_feature:gene
DB Xrefs: URL: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/~ucbhjow/b241/glossary.html  

Parents: biological_region (SO:0001411)
gene (SO:0000704)

Children: processed_pseudogene (SO:0000043)
vertebrate_immune_system_pseudogene (SO:0002097)
pseudogenic_transcript (SO:0000516)
polymorphic_pseudogene (SO:0001841)
non_processed_pseudogene (SO:0001760)
transposable_element_pseudogene (SO:0001897)
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