non_processed_pseudogene    (CURRENT_RELEASE)

SO Accession: SO:0001760 (SOWiki)
Definition: A pseudogene that arose from a means other than retrotransposition. A pseudogene created via genomic duplication of a functional protein-coding parent gene followed by accumulation of deleterious mutations.
Synonyms: non processed pseudogene, INSDC_qualifier:unprocessed, unprocessed pseudogene, unprocessed_pseudogene, INSDC_feature:gene
DB Xrefs: GENCODE: http://www.gencodegenes.org/gencode_biotypes.html
SO: ke

Parent: pseudogene (SO:0000336)

Children: duplicated_pseudogene (SO:0001758)
cassette_pseudogene (SO:0001434)
nuclear_mt_pseudogene (SO:0001044)
translated_unprocessed_pseudogene (SO:0002106)
pseudogene_by_unequal_crossing_over (SO:0000044)
unitary_pseudogene (SO:0001759)
transcribed_unprocessed_pseudogene (SO:0002107)
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