DPE_motif    (CURRENT_SVN)

SO Accession: SO:0000015 (SOWiki)
Definition: A sequence element characteristic of some RNA polymerase II promoters; Positioned from +28 to +32 with respect to the TSS (+1). Experimental results suggest that the DPE acts in conjunction with the INR_motif to provide a binding site for TFIID in the absence of a TATA box to mediate transcription of TATA-less promoters. Consensus sequence (A|G)G(A|T)(C|T)(G|A|C).
Synonyms: CRWMGCGWKCGCTTS, downstream core promoter element, DPE motif
DB Xrefs: PMID: 12515390  
PMID: 12537576  
PMID: 12651739  
PMID: 16858867  

Parents: RNApol_II_core_promoter (SO:0001669)
core_eukaryotic_promoter_element (SO:0001660)
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