core_eukaryotic_promoter_element    (CURRENT_SVN)

SO Accession: SO:0001660 (SOWiki)
Definition: An element that only exists within the promoter region of a eukaryotic gene.
Synonyms: general transcription factor binding site, core eukaryotic promoter element
DB Xrefs: GREEKC: cl

Parents: eukaryotic_promoter (SO:0002221)
core_promoter_element (SO:0002309)

Children: BREu_motif (SO:0000016)
DCE (SO:0001664)
homol_D_box (SO:0001848)
BREd_motif (SO:0001663)
TATA_box (SO:0000174)
INR_motif (SO:0000014)
A_box (SO:0000619)
TCT_motif (SO:0001959)
intermediate_element (SO:0001677)
B_box (SO:0000620)
MTE (SO:0001162)
AACCCT_box (SO:0001901)
C_box (SO:0000622)
DPE_motif (SO:0000015)
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